GSp(4) is an algebraic group which plays an important and pivotal role in contemporary research in automorphic forms and representations. Siegel modular forms of degree two are the fundamental example of automorphic forms for GSp(4), and have, or are expected to have, applications to number theoretic topics such as abelian surfaces and four dimensional Galois representations. Since these modular forms are the next case in complexity after classical modular forms, the theory of automorphic forms and representations of GSp(4) is a vibrant area of research which allows for both in-depth progress and the discovery of new phenomena. is a freely accessible database on the World Wide Web about the existing literature on GSp(4). At maturity, this database will contain the complete bibliographic references for the relevant published literature on GSp(4), and will also include information and links to new and unpublished manuscripts that are only available electronically or otherwise difficult to locate or access. Entries and changes to the database are made on a continual basis. At this moment the database contains 1392 articles and books, written by 399 different authors.


The following table shows the number of works published in a certain year and listed under each of our top classification categories. Note that a paper can fall into more than one category; therefore, the sum of the entries in the table (1661) is larger than the number of papers in the database (1392). The earliest publication year in the database is 1914.


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In accordance with the basic principle of relational databases, the heart of the database consists of four main tables called Authors, Journals, Papers, and Categories, and two relational tables. Each row of the Authors table consists of an identification number, an author's name, and the author's URL, if it exists; the rows of the Journals table are similar. Each row of the Papers table consist of an identification number, the title of a paper, the identification number of the journal in which the paper appeared, the volume, the year, the pages, the publication type, and the Math Reviews number, if it exists. Each row of the Categories table consists of an identification number, the name of the category, the identification number of the parent category of that category, and a description of the category, if appropriate. Papers and authors are linked in a relational table called PaperAuthor whose rows consist of the identification number of a paper and the identification number of one of the authors of that paper. Papers and categories are linked in a relational table called PaperCategories whose rows consist of the identification number of a paper and the identification number of one of the categories to which that paper is assigned.

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